First Babies

October 1th 2015

Nest of 5 DF spangles. (Photo 1)

Father, DF cock (W.Dokter) x Mother Spangle DF hen (Rob Alofs)

Two DF baby-cocks are very promissing the baby hens are elegant!

Nest of 5 (Photo 2)

Father, Grey cock (Rob Alofs) x Mother grey hen (Bloodline , Heylen, Efferts, Nettekoven)

Also 5 babies, 2 are from another nest.

The grey cinnamon hen looks very nice and has a beautiful face.

16 babies, good fertility, and a good start of the season 2016.

New Website!

September 1th 2015

My new website is launched, thanks to my friends at Altijd Design. Enjoy!