About Rob

Since childhood I have been fascinated by budgerigars. My first budgerigars were 4 Lutinos, a gift from my uncle in 1967. Unfortunately they all died after two weeks. They were too young and didn’t want to eat! I was inconsolable!

In the 80’s I started my first bloodline with birds from:

  • Holland: Brothers Peters, Van der Toren, Wolfs.
  • England: Benneth, Humphries, Sellen, Savory
  • Germany: Mannes ,Boggering, Efferts

The birds bred very well and soon I became a champion breeder.

My best results are:

  • 1998 Europashau Karlsruhe Germany: Best young spangle
  • 1999 NPC Holland: Best in show, opposite sex
  • 2000 BSH Holland: Best in show, millennium show
  • 2003 NGC Holland: Best in show, best adult

Unfortunately I became sick in 2008.... but after a stop of 6 years, I am now building a new bloodline.

I started – with a little help from my friends! – ( Joe Cocker :-) ) Wim, Jan, Gerard, Jac, Ap, Harry and others, Thanks!

My current stock comprises birds from:

  • Holland: Jac Cuyten, JJC-Budgies, Willie Dokter, Wim Wolfs
  • Belgium: Rene Heylen, Uwe Efferts, Rudy Nettekoven
  • Switzerland: Daniel Lutolf

My aviary measures 5 x 3 m; 2 flights and 10 breeding cages. Regularly, during the breeding season, a selection of babies and young birds are available.

Currently, I am very pleased with the progress my birds are making!

Are you interested in my birds and would you like to visit me? Please complete and sign the contact form below.

Birds available? See news!

With kind regards,

Rob Alofs,

Heelsum (Holland)


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